The overhaul and draught proofing system 

We are specialists in all aspects of traditional sash and casement windows. With over 10 years experience we're a company that will provide an exceptional level of knowledge and workmanship. All overhauling works is guaranteed for five years.

Sash Carpentry's overhaul & draught proofing system solves all the common problems associated with sash and casement windows.

  • Eliminates 98% of draughts and dust ingress

  • Reduces outside noise pollution levels

  • Ensures smooth operation of sashes

  • Eliminates the rattles

  • Reduced heating bills & improves energy efficiency.

Our overhaul & draught proofing system will not change the originality or the overall look of the window as the materials used can be machined like for like for a perfect match.


THE SYSTEM explained

  • Fully protect and cover with plastic backed dust sheets the areas being worked

  • Remove staff beads & parting beads, discard in a rubbish bag

  • Cut the old sash chords and carefully remove top and bottom sashes and set aside from the frame

  • Assess condition of sill, box frame and external pointing minor repairs carried out where necessary

  • Remove excess build up of paint from frame and sashes

  • Prime and undercoat the box frame

  • Re-chord top and bottom chords, service and oil the pulley wheels

  • Weigh sashes and Re-balance sash weights to ensure smooth operation of top and bottom sashes

  • Realign meeting rail of top and bottom sashes

  • Plane and rout groves to allow for the draught proof system

  • Refit the sashes with the new integrated draught proofing system

  • Prime all bare timber exposed and caulk beading leaving the window ready to decorate

  • Fit new centre catch, sash lifts and restrictor locks in the preferred finish. Chrome, satin chrome and brass


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