Restoring your sash window back to original beauty

It's important to maintain sash windows, failure to do so may lead to serious problems caused by penetrating water and rotten timbers. The most common repair is a rotting sash box sill which can lead to damp issues. Sash windows that have sills which have rotted away need to be attended to by a professional, skilled craftsman with experience in restoring a sash window.  

Sash windows that have fallen into disrepair can be unsightly making the entire property look run down. To keep your London home beautiful let the specialists at Sash Carpentry restore your sash window to its original glory and luster. Give us a call at 07522 982005 or email

Whether you are in Totteridge or Whetstone, Barnet or Islington, Sash Carpentry offers reliable expert care with your sash window restoration. We also service Finchley, Camden and Totteridge. As well as Belsize Park , Primrose Hill and Highbury.

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Don’t heat the outside, Let Sash Carpentry restore your sash window

The money you spend to heat and cool your home may be going right out into the London air, escaping through cracks and seams that have worn away over time.. At Sash Carpentry, our restoration service involves scraping the paint and making a close inspection of all the wood and joints to ensure that there is no rot or damage caused by weathering.

Draughts not only cost you extra money every month, they make your home uncomfortable as you battle with the elements. Rattles against the wind can be irritating and noisy. Once we are done with the restoration, all of that will be gone.  Many times the joints of the sashes have come loose. We make sure they are tightened back up and intricately cut new wedges if needed.

Don’t worry, be happy. Let Sash Carpentry do your sash window restoration

Many customers are pleasantly surprised to know their windows can be restored back to their original state rather than replacing them at considerable expense. Sash windows can often be retained by simply replacing sections of the box frame and sashes, using made to measure hardwood materials.

Renovating your existing windows has many benefits asides from cost advantages:

The work is carried out quickly without manufacturing lead times

  • Character and the overall look is preserved

  • Extended life span of the windows

  • Extremely cost effective

what we restore

  • Sash windows

  • Edwardian windows

  • Victorian windows

  • Casement windows

  • Timber front door

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