Our sash window repair and restoration services at Sash Carpentry will return the beauty to your Primrose Hill home

Sash window repair and restoration can make your sash windows look like the day they were first installed. Whether your home is listed or still new but needs work, Sash Carpentry will use the same traditional techniques that have been passed on for generations. A Lot of problems can stem from a sash window that has not been kept up. Rotting sashes or box sills can allow water from rain or snow to leak in and ruin the surrounding wall and floor. This will all have to be replaced at some point. Save yourself the headache and have the experts at Sash Carpentry who have the experience and know how to repair and restore your weathered sash window, rotting sashes and box sill.

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For sash window repair and restoration, in Primrose Hill, trust Sash Carpentry to do the job right

Our sash window repair and restoration involves removing the old paint to get a good close examination of all the wood seams and joints of your sash window. They will be looking for any rot or damage caused by weathering or water leakage. Once everything has been inspected, repaired and replaced where needed, we’ll reglaze and repaint your sash window to bring out the brilliance and shine that your sash window deserves. If your sash window has fallen into disrepair and you want to restore it to its original state, give Sash Carpentry a call at 07522 982005 or email adam@sashcarpentry.co.uk. Let one of our sash window experts determine the best course of action and offer you a free, no obligation quote on the work that will need to be done.

Sash window repair and restoration by Sash Carpentry will add longer life to your sash window in Primrose Hill

Sash window repair and restoration will save you the cost of having to do a replacement sooner than expected. Also, by getting your sash window reglazed, it can stop those cold draughts and annoying rattles that can further loosen joints and worse yet, crack your glass. An old sash window that lets in draughts can cost you money and make your Primrose Hill home uncomfortable. Give Sash Carpentry a call at 07522 982005 or email adam@sashcarpentry.co.uk for a free, no obligation quote on your sash window repair or restoration. Whether you are in Totteridge or Whetstone, Barnet or Islington, Sash Carpentry will be at your door in no time to restore your beautiful sash window back to where it should be.

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