For sash window repair and restoration, Sash Carpentry is the only name in Highgate.

For sash window repair or restoration to restore those worn out, unsightly sash windows,you need to give Sash Carpentry a call at 07522 982005 or email Bring back that original beauty and luster of your sash window by letting one of our expert craftsmen inspect and then work some magic. We use only traditional techniques that go beyond what any ordinary contractor or weekend carpenter could accomplish. We are family owned and operated and would never subcontract out any work to a less experienced craftsman who will disrupt your home and family and charge more than expected for inferior work. Get your sash window repaired now before it’s too late and you end up having to replace everything at a higher cost to you.

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Our sash window repair and restoration services at Sash Carpentry are superior to any other in Highgate.

Without proper sash window repair and restoration for your weathered sash window it can cause more serious problems from water from rain and snow that can get into your sash window near the joints and seams. Eventually the surrounding wall and even the floor will have to be replaced. You need a professional, skilled craftsman to have a look and determine the best solution to upgrade your sash window. If your box sill or sashs have rotted away, or you have broken sashes, have the sash window experts at Sash Carpentry fix them up for you. We’ll scrape the paint and check every nook and cranny to make sure your sash window has kept its integrity and there is no damage from the constant weathering. Then we will repair what needs done.

Sash window repair and restoration with tender loving care. Sash Carpentry in Highgate

Our sash window repair and restoration will stop those draughts and those annoying rattles everytime the wind blows.Draughts make your home cold and uncomfortable and makes those energy bills go through the roof. This is normally caused by the joints of the sashes coming loose making an irritating rattle everytime the wind blows. And we know that cold wind in Highgate. Whether you are in Totteridge or Whetstone, Barnet or Islington, Sash Carpentry offers reliable expert care with your sash window restoration. Give Sash Carpentry a call at 07522 982005 or email for a free, no obligation quote on your sash window repair or restoration and stop those pesky draughts from letting cold air in and heated air out. You and your family deserve it.

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