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Sash window repair and restoration will remove those signs of wear and age. Get that old sash window back to its original beauty with our repair and restoration services at Sash Carpentry. Sash windows see all types of weather from blazing sunshine to rain and snow. The excess water from weathering can penetrate your sash window joints at the seams and saturate the surrounding walls and floor causing it to rot. Our skilled sash window craftsmen can inspect and find those issues because our experience has taught us where to look for hidden and problematic areas. If you think you have a leaking sash window, call our sash window experts today at Sash Carpentry. We know everything there is to know about sash window repair.

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For sash window repair and restoration you don’t want to trust anything less than the experts. We specialize in sash window repair so we know our business inside and out. Is your sash window currently in disrepair and making your Belsize Park home look unsightly? Is your weathered sash window making your house look rundown and depressed? Then you need to give Sash Carpentry a call at 07522 982005 or email adam@sashcarpentry.co.uk. Have our experienced craftsmen dismantle, repair, reglaze and restore your sash window you its original beauty and luster. We use only the same traditional techniques that were used when your house was built, techniques no ordinary carpenter or contractor would know. Maybe you want to upgrade to double glazed. Call us now.

Our sash window repair and restoration will keep the cold Belsize air out. Give us a call at Sash Carpentry

Our sash window repair and restoration can save you money on your energy bills by fixing those sash window joints that have come loose , letting the cold draughts in and making your window rattle in the wind. Those rattles against the wind can not only be irritating and noisy, but they can cause further loosening of the joints or even crack your glass. Give Sash Carpentry a call at 07522 982005 or email adam@sashcarpentry.co.uk for a free, no obligation quote on your sash window repair or restoration. We service many surrounding areas. So even if you are in Totteridge or Whetstone, Barnet or Islington, Sash Carpentry offers fast, reliable expert care with your sash window repair and restoration.

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