Keep Sash windows in good repair before it's too late

A sash window won’t last forever in the London weather. Have Sash Carpentry inspect for damage.

A sash window will deteriorate over time. All types of London weather is hitting your sash windows from sun to rain to snow. Waiting until it’s too late to have your sash windows repaired can end up costing more. The experts at Sash Carpentry not only do sash window installation, but they can inspect your sash windows and make the repairs needed before winter comes and the draughts make your home uncomfortable. Also, with winter does arrive, so does snow and the damaging water as it melts which can soak into the sill box frame and rot the wood. Have a look at the services offered by Sash Carpentry at Sash Carpentry are London’s foremost authority when it comes to sash window repair and restoration.

Sash window repair is not a DIY project. Leave it to the professionals at Sash Carpentry serving London.

Sash window repair and restoration is an art form best left to the professionals. Trying to repair or restore your sash window may sound like a fun project, but when it comes to your energy bills and the structural integrity of your London home, especially if you have a listed home, you are much better off having a company like Sash Carpentry do the work. Secondly, hiring a regular contractor or carpenter that does not specialize in sash window repair and restoration can lead to further problems if they do not know the traditional techniques as used by Sash Carpentry. For instance, if you are experiencing draughts or annoying rattles, Sash Carpentry can expertly cut wedges and reglaze your sash window so your home will be more comfortable and retain its value.

Sash window upgrades by Sash Carpentry will not change the appearance of your London home

Your sash window may not need too much repair or restoration, but suppose you want to upgrade from single glazed to double glazed. Then have a look at the services offered by Sash Carpentry at Sash Carpentry can upgrade and draught proof your sash window without changing the appearance of your London home. Why is this important? Again because of the London weather. Your sash window takes a lot of abuse over time. Before you get to the point where your sash window will need complete replacement, get a free quote from Sash Carpentry on your sash window repair, restoration or upgrade.