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When Edwardian Windows and Victorian Windows Need Repair, No Ordinary Carpenter Will Do. Call Sash Carpentry In London


Although Edwardian windows and Victorian windows are slightly similar, they each still have their unique charm and construction. They were both made with traditional techniques and these techniques have been passed on for generations. But not every carpenter learns them. In fact, many modern day carpenters and general builders find themselves bewildered when asked to do a repair or restoration on a genuine Edwardian or Victorian window. We have seen first hand some of their “handiwork” and actually spend many extra hours of intensive work just to undo the damage caused and restore these beautiful windows to their original beauty. Before you call any other carpenter to look at your Edwardian or Victorian windows, give our experts at Sash Carpentry a call. Check us out at sashcarpentry.co.uk then give us a call at 07522 982005.

Edwardian Windows Are A Combination Of Georgian And Victorian Styles. Sash Carpentry In London Knows All About Them

 Edwardian sash windows are oftentimes viewed as the pinnacle of sash window design. In the early Edwardian era and even during the late Victorian era, new advancements in construction and window designs made it possible for larger glazed areas with perhaps on bar, or maybe even o none at all. The Edwardian windows were part of the new architectural movement that was moving away from the mass produced styles of the Victorian and Georgian eras. Artists and craftsmen were given more freedom to be artistic and create with an emphasis on elegance and intricate design. Restoring windows made with such delicacy takes an experienced craftsmen who use the same techniques as the original builders. This is a skill you will find with Sash Carpentry. Check us out at sashcarpentry.co.uk then give us a call at 07522 982005.

Your Edwardian Windows Deserve The Best Care Around. Don’t Let Your Listed London Home Fall Into Disrepair. Call Sash Carpentry Now

 If your edwardian windows have seen better days and you want to make your property look as amazing as it did in the early 20th century, then don’t trust your listed home to any carpenter who says they know windows. They may know modern windows and most likely do a good job, but the skill required to restore an edwardian window or Victorian window can only be found at Sash Carpentry Limited. We have made it our business to know sash windows of every shape, size and style. Check us out at sashcarpentry.co.uk then give us a call at 07522 982005 and let one of our sash window expert craftsmen come out to your home and give you a free- no obligation quote on restoring your Edwardian or Victorian windows. If you ever plan to sell your home, you’ll be glad you called.